Spooky Evenings is a multidisciplinary academic e-event that seeks to engage academics, students, and professionals in the field of horror. We strive to create a pop-cultural event around the theme of horror in October to encourage both intellectual pursuit as well as a bit of seasonal fun. Spooky Evenings runs the entire month of October with different programming each night.

2021 schedule

october 1

Richard Chizmar

Author of NYT Bestseller Chasing the Boogeyman


october 2

Dr. William McBride

Illinois State University

Talk: “The Rigid Embrace of the Narrow House”

october 3

Dr. Kevin Wetmore

Loyola Marymount University

Talk: “Performing the Vampire, or, Everything You Think You Know about Dracula is from the Theatre” 

october 4

Rachel Harrison

Author of Cackle


october 5

Dr. Laurence Rickels

Cal Arts - author of The Vampire Lectures


october 6

Dr. Joseph Laycock

Texas State University

Talk: “When Harvard Held a Black Mass” 

october 7

Dr. Murray Leeder

University of Manitoba

Talk: “Narration and Damnation in Angel Heart”

october 8

Dr. Brandon Grafius

Ecumenical Theological Seminary

Talk: “Constructing the Witch: The Rhetoric of Witch Hunting through the Ages”

october 9

Dr. Scott Bruce 

Fordham University

Talk: “Night is the Dead's Domain: The Habitats of Restless Souls in Medieval Thought”

october 10

Anna Biller

Director of The Love Witch

Interview & Screening of The Love Witch

october 11

Clay McLeod Chapman

Author of Extreme Carnage and Scream: Curse of Carnage

Discussion - Horror in Comics

october 12

Dr. Esther Hamori 

Union Theological Seminary - Columbia University

Talk: “The Biblical God and His Entourage of Monsters: or, And You Thought the Devil was Bad”

october 13

Dr. Hilaire Kallendorf

Texas A&M

Talk: “What do Werewolves Have to Do with Free Will?” 

october 14

Heather Greene

Independent Scholar 

Talk: “Magick and Witchery on Television: Exploring the enchanting and fearsom witches and warlocks of the small screen”

october 15

Dr. Adrian Schober

University of Melbourne

Talk: “From the Eternal Sea He Rises: Paranoia, Politics, and The Omen”

October 16

Leslie S. Klinger

Multiple Edgar Award Winner - Independent Scholar 


October 17

Dr. Bernadette Calafell 

Gonzaga University

Talk: “American Dreams, American Nightmares: La Llorona, Race, and Politics”

october 18

Dr. Henry Ansgar Kelly


Talk: “Satan Not So Bad; or, Sympathy for the Devil”

october 19

Dr. Benjamin Hebblethwaite

University of Florida

Talk: “A Transatlantic History of Haitian Vodou”

october 20

Dr. Sarah Burns

Ruth N. Halls Professor Emerita Indiana University

Talk: “Casting a Spell: Women, Art, and Witchery in Midcentury America”

october 21

Dr. Karen Renner

Northern Arizona University

Talk: “Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Children of the Corn”

october 22

Dr. Cristina Santos

Brock University

Talk: “Myth, Murder, and Monstrosity: Mother(hood)s in Mexican Cultural Imaginary”

october 23

Dr. Tosha R. Taylor

Manhattanville College 

Talk: “Witches and the Rural Landscape in American Horror Film”

october 24

Dr. Dragan Kujundžić

University of Florida 

Talk: “The Stakes Are High: Dracula-Vlad-the-Impaler, Vampire” 

october 25

Dr. Dale Bailey 

Lenoir Rhyne University 

Talk: “Secret Histories: The Undying Allure of Haunted Places” 

october 26

Dr. Toni Pressley-Sanon

Eastern Michigan University

Talk: “Zombify You, Zombify Me: The Reciprocal Nature of Dehumanization”

october 27

Dr. Kendall Phillips

Syracuse University

Talk: “Haunting Screens: Technology and the Permeable Boundaries of Horror”

october 28

Dr. Ken Gelder

University of Melbourne 

Talk: “Transnational Draculas”

october 29

Dr. L. Andrew Cooper

Independent Scholar

Talk: “Cinematic Method and Narrative Madness Behind the Witchery of Dario Argento’s ‘Three Mothers’”

october 30

S.T. Joshi

Bram Stoker Award Winner - Independent Scholar


october 31

Lisa Morton

Six Time Winner of the Bram Stoker Award - Independent Scholar


november 1

Dr. Laura Westengard

CUNY New York City College of Technology

Talk: “Gothic Ghosts: Queer Trauma and its Spectral Reverberations”

november 2

Dr. Russell Meeuf

University of Idaho

Talk: “Haunted Homeowners from Obama to Trump”

november 3

Dr. Kelly Hayes

Indiana University

Talk: “Spirits of Shadows: Envisioning Black Magic in Brazil” 

november 4

Adam Stovall

Director of A Ghost Waits

Interview & Screening of A Ghost Waits

november 5

Dr. Farshid Kazemi

Simon Fraser University

Talk: “Darkness Visible: Vampires, the Occult Sciences, and the Cinema”

november 6

Dr. Sandra Tomc

The University of British Columbia 

Talk: “Vampires Revealed: Dressing the Gothic in Vampire Films”


7 pm cst / 8 pm est

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